The beaches of Albufeira

The sensational beaches found there is one of main draws for the many visitors and
here is a list of some of the best on offer:


Santa Eulália Beach

Santa Eulália beach is exceptionally beautiful, surrounded by rocks creating an array of nooks and crannies where one can find peace and privacy. Added to which the area is cooled by palm trees and discreet gardens, creating the perfect environment and atmosphere. The beach has ample parking with restaurants and bars nearby.


Peneco Beach

Peneco beach is also known as Praia do Túnel because of the tunnel access from the city centre. Next to Peneco beach is Praia dos Pescadores, which is separated by a rocky walkway. The two beaches are known as Albufeira beach as together they form the expanse of sand that stretches out in front the main town. Peneco is the perfect family beach as it has all convenience available from the town itself.


Praia dos Pescadores

Just to the east of the Albufeira Marina the Praia dos Pescadores (Fisherman’s beach), which together with Peneco form the beachfront of Albufeira. Much like Peneco, this urban beach has all the amenities and services provided by the town and is ideal for families not wishing to drive to the beach. Also it is surrounded by cliffs and therefore nicely sheltered from the wind.


Evaristo Beach

Evaristo Beach is a bit of hidden treasure, yet easily accessible by road. It is a pebble beach with surrounding cliffs and a natural park. Praia do Evaristo is perfect for a spot of hiking, as there are several paths leading to the top of the cliffs, where one can take in the spectacular view. The beach is well serviced, with public showers and lifeguards in season. Nearby restaurant ‘Evaristo’ is famed for its’ fresh fish and is very popular with locals and visitors alike.


Arrifes Beach

Arrifes beach is a renowned beauty spot, an isolated cove ringed by vegetation, trees and organic rock formations. This beach attracts nature lovers and adventurers from all over. Here one can explore the many inlets by canoe or paddleboard.  Arrifes beach is both scenic and exciting.


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